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Owlegories Vol. 6 is here along with two new awesome storybooks! Get 35% off if you order before September 6, 2017! (We have a limited supply of books so be sure to order soon!)

Owlegories Vol. 6 - The Wind, The Moon, The Rainbow 


Joey and the Shining Star
Violet and the Buzzy Bees


The Wind Episode: 

The students must navigate to the giant windmill on the Owlutians Islands. They must overcome strong winds and stormy weather to reach their destination and find out the three ways God is like the wind. The key verse is Acts 2:2-4 and the gospel is presented by pastor Ryan Fontenot.

The Moon Episode:

Something strange is going on in the classroom as the class learns three ways followers of Christ are like the moon. The key verse is Psalm 104:19 and the gospel is presented by author and speaker Lisa Harper.

The Rainbow Episode:

The class pretend to be super heroes and are given a mission to save the world! Along the way they learn three things followers of Christ can learn from the rainbow. The key verse is Genesis 9:13 and the gospel is presented by speaker Brandy Little.

We teamed up with the awesome people at Sparkhouse Publishing for a line of Owlegories Storybooks! Featuring the funny, feathery friends from the Owlegories video series, this new line of books will have preschoolers giggling as they learn about the ways nature teaches us about God. Each book includes a short family devotional to help grown-ups talk more about the object lesson of the story through simple activities, memory verses, even adventures that will get you out of the house and into God's glorious creation.

Joey and the Shining Star:
In Joey and the Shining Star, Joey and his owl friends are walking home from the annual Christmas pageant. Joey is confident he knows a shortcut. But it doesn't take long for Joey to realize he and his friends are lost. Nervous and unsure, Joey tries to remember how to find his way home before his friends discover the truth. Soon, it's clear Joey needs their help. Like the three kings in the Christmas play, the friends realize that the shining stars can point them toward home. The stars remind them that God is always with them, helping them find their way.